Intermediate Violin Vibrato

This lesson on vibrato picks up where the “Introduction to Violin Vibrato” leaves off. Shifting exercises in the 1st-5th positions, as a means of relaxation, and shaping the finger. Also, exercises to increase flexibility, and strength. Vibrato exercise in double stops is also discussed. This lesson addresses wrist vibrato only.


Violin Lessons – Practice Tip #2

Relaxation is a concept often bandied about as an essential element in the pursuit of optimal instrumental performance. The interesting paradox is that while relaxation can be seen as an essentially static endeavor, that is, the state of “being relaxed” a way of achieving this state can be through movement. Shifting exercises, when done smoothly and with a certain economy of movement can induce a state of relaxation in the left hand. These exercises can vary extensively, and there are many published approaches available, a good example is the Sevcik Violin Study Op. 8.