About Paul Huppert

Paul_HuppertPaul Huppert began his violin studies at the age of seven. Moving rapidly through the Suzuki Violin Method, he began formal concert appearances as a recitalist and as soloist with orchestras at the age of nine. While a student at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Paul Huppert was a recipient of the Emil Hermann award in violin. While studying in Cincinnati, he appeared as guest Concertmaster and soloist with the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra, and was appointed Associate Concertmaster of the West Virginia Symphony. During this time, he was also a section violin substitute with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Since then, Paul Huppert has been appointed to the positions of Concertmaster-Savannah Symphony, Associate Concertmaster-Charlotte Symphony, Acting Concertmaster-Charlotte Symphony. In addition to solo and guest Concertmaster appearances throughout the U.S. he has also served as a section violinist with the Grant Park, Chautauqua, and Peninsula Festival Orchestras.
Currently, Paul Huppert serves as Concertmaster-St. Louis Civic Orchestra, Principal Second Violin with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Concertmaster-St. Louis Chamber Orchestra, Associate Concertmaster-Bach at the Seminary Series. He is a regular contributor with the Fox Theater in St. Louis, and also performs with the Union Avenue Opera.
In 2002, Paul Huppert started his own business, Noteworthy Music: www.noteworthyonline.net. Noteworthy Music is a business that specializes in booking ensembles for events, string education, and chamber music promotion across Missouri and Illinois. Noteworthy Music is also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PaulatNoteworthy. In 2008 Paul Huppert entered into a business partnership with Online Lesson Videos. On this site, Paul offers Internet violin instruction featuring downloadable tutorials on, and arrangements of famous classical selections, traditional folk music, gospel songs, as well as technical advice and instruction in all things related to the art of violin playing. His teaching on this site can be accessed at www.OnlineLessonVideos.com.
Live Internet lessons on Skype are also available, for more information: contactnoteworthy@gmail.com.


11 Responses

  1. Hi Paul

    I am interested in learning the fiddle.. how do you conduct your lessons, and what do you charge?



    • Hello Pamela,
      I am so sorry not to get back to you about lessons, didn’t check this feature of my blog. If you are still interested you can call me at 314-913-5579, or e-mail at contactnoteworthy@gmail.com. I am teaching privately in St. Louis, but also teach via skype ($40 for 50 minute lesson) if you are interested.

      Paul Huppert

  2. Good work Paul!!!

  3. Dear sir
    I wanted to play the violin. like you. do what. Should. I do please. advice

  4. I tried to call you but the line is not connecting.Please help me to improve. my tone of the violin what should. I do

  5. I have bought. Your bow arm lesson my son in law has helped me .He has downloaded in his system. How can I transfer it in to my phone

    • Depends on your phone, what you are looking for would be syncing, or use cloud technology. Apple makes it pretty easy. Best bet is take your phone into a store, or get on a website. I use an IPad for a lot of my communication including Skype, works great!

      • I storted it out by keeping. My phone. Camera on while my son in law Joseph peter ones this video. Now I am back home have got your sound clearly .I think. I can practice. With that.I wish to. buy your left arm tech lesson too but I don’t. Want to make the mistake. again.I have kindle fire tab and Lumia 530 phone ..How can l tape your. Lesson. Into it .Please advice

      • Well, it would be ideal to download directly onto your device, is that not possible?

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